Congratulations, you made an agreement! ... And now what?

Buy products

If you are a buyer, should you pay and wait for the product or service? Should the seller ship the item to you and wait for you to pay?

Providing services

When you hire someone, should you pay upfront and wait for the work to be done? Should that someone do the job and then wait for you to pay?

... Now finish your transaction with pagosegur

Secure transaction by using Pagosegur
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pagosegur is a process in 4 steps

In the first step the parties agree to the terms of the transaction

The parties declare that they are in full agreement with the terms of the Transaction File.

(After registering in pagosegur, parties declare to be in accordance with the terms of the transaction).

The buyer deposits the amount of the transaction in the second step

The buyer deposits the agreed transaction price in pagosegur. The mobile and web CHAT is activated to help the parties follow up without sharing phone numbers. All the interactions are registered and dated.

In the third step the seller ships the goods

The seller sends the item to the buyer.

(After the payment being verified by pagosegur, the seller ships the goods or performs the agreed-upon services).

Fourth and final step the buyer declares his/her approval

The buyer accepts the goods or services provided.

(The buyer receives the merchandise or job and gives consent)

Use cases: Purchase and sales of goods, upfront payments when purchasing or renting a house, professional jobs, construction or maintenance works, fixing any item jobs, merchandise returns, etc.

Once the 4 steps have been completed, pagosegur sends the agreed amount to the seller

  • Close more deals with less risk. The pagosegur procedure guarantees the seller that the buyer is willing to close the deal and that the amount agreed has been deposited and secured.
  • pagosegur gives a structure to the transaction that reduces the risk. On the one hand, some transactions will have to take the necessary verification time so that the money transfer is not revocable. On the other hand, the identification of buyer and seller KYC necessary for compliance with the law of prevention of money laundering together with our quality system with artificial intelligence techniques minimize the risk.
  • pagosegur provides a chat between the parties to the transaction, without sharing phone numbers, as part of the feed system of the Transaction file. This file is fed with photos, documents, contracts, etc. building a record and chronological testimony of how the goods were packed, the delivery and how the package arrived at the destination.
  • pagosegur offers its services via web, app and API.

Use pagosegur in at least 5 transactions in a month and contact us if you want to load your transactions seamlessly using our API and other VIP arrangements.

The transactions and the chat are also available through the pagosegur app