Cookies policy

Accoding to the Data protection laws, Pagosegur informs you about the use of cookies on our website

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a website and stored in the user's browser so that the website can consult previous user activity.

Subsequently that information can be accessed by the website itself.

In this way it is possible to know, for example, if the site has previously been visited from that device.

Type of cookies

The cookies are classified mainly in two forms:

    By who creates them.

  • Own Site Cookies

    They are created by the web site that you visit.

  • Third party cookies.

    Are created by websites different to the visited but through this.

    By goals

  • Session cookies.

    Allow keeping, during the time that the visit lasts , important data to provide the service.

    Otherwise, the system would need to ask repeatedly data from the user.

    They last during the time the user is visiting the website and they are deleted when user quits.

  • Persistent Cookies

    They can remain in the browser even if you leave the website that created them.

    Enables the web server to gather and use information related to previous visits made from the same device.

Cookies in PASOSEGUR

PAGOSEGUR may use its own and third party cookies

Session cookies allow us to manage your browsing, for example by checking the selected language or if it has been validated using your password.

These cookies disappear when you leave our site.

In order to improve our pages we also use third party cookies that allow us to obtain statistics of the visits we receive or the pages visited.

Manage cookies in your browser

Browsers have multiple options that allow you to customize the way cookies are handled.

Among other possibilities, you can decide what types of cookies are allowed and also how long they will remain on your computer.

To know the options available in each browser and how to configure them you can visit their respective help pages.